Piranha fish Attacks

Piranha Fish attacks on humans

Check this piranha fish attacks video before you think that piranhas attack humans very rare 

(Not on human)

Fish attacks on humans

This piranha attacks on human happened when there was a party going on in a piranha fish infested waters and all of the sudden some freaks decided to get into water unaware of the previous piranhas attacks on human, where the officials failed to warn them about the previous attacks..
Piranha fish attack photos
Pictures of piranhas attacks on human 
Piranha fish attack photos
Fish attacks on humans pictures

First most important question i hear from human out there is .. Do piranha attacks human ?

Yes they would consider attacks on human but during scarcity of food.. 
Piranha fish attack photos
Piranha Fish Attacks on human pictures
Piranha fish attack photos
Piranhas fish Attacks on humans pictures
Piranha fish attack photos
Piranha fish Attacks on humans pictures


Piranha fish attack photos
Piranhas Fish Attacks on humans pictures
Piranha fish attack photos
Pictures Fish attacks on humans 

Radio Station India

Piranha fish attack photos
Piranha Attacks  humans  pictures
Piranha fish attack photos
 Piranha fish mouth wide open pictures, look at those razor sharp TEETH, just imagine the scene this fish can create when they attack with these teeth, which can easily cut through flesh- just imagine the pictures

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Piranha fish Attack on human have just about the same reputation as the great white shark attack human, Piranhas fishes attacks and eat humans and this is not a shocking news, the Hollywood movie scene loves to show off piranhas attack pictures by having humans with high graphic scenes and create the attack scenes when ever is appropriate by creating some unrealistic attacks  and also some unusual fish sizes during these attacks on humans.  The reason why piranha's appetite for meat is what originally gave them the bad reputation and their aggressive attack strategy they have, in fact when piranha fish attacks on humans happen they do not really see if that is some animals or humans they simply go for an attack. 

There are many facts about piranha fish and their attacks strategy on human and you would find extremely interesting. While many men fear piranha and there are thousands of natives  that swim in the same bodies of water with piranha have  homes there  and go unharmed without even a single attack.

The pirañas are a group of carnivorous freshwater fish which will eat any flesh can be humans or other animals living in South American rivers alongside humans. They belong to five genera of the subfamily of Serrasalminae (which also includes closely related herbivorous fish including pacus and silver dollars).  they normally growabout 15 to 25 cm long (6 to 10 inches), although it is reported individuals have been found up to the shocking size of 40 cm in length. The news is that they are known for their sharp teeth ( they are able to bite through a steel fishing hook dont even compare humans skin) and the news is that it has the aggressive appetite for meat and flesh not particularly human flesh , its only the scarcity of food make them agressive during attacks on humans or other animals they just attack with all the force. 

They are normally only found in the Amazonian, Guianas and Paraguayan river systems along side humans. However, Former divers also say that piranha are also occasionally found in warm North American rivers and small lakes, but they typically do not survive long in the same case even alongside humans. Recent research on Serrasalmus aff. brandtii and Pygocentrus nattereri in Viana Lake, which is formed during the wet season when the Rio Pindare (a left bank tributary of the Rio Mearim) floods, Humans have found  that these species eat vegetable matter at some stages in their life history. 

They are not strictly carnivorous fishes their name piranha may come from a hybrid language composed of Tupi-Guarani languages; it may be a compound word made of the components 'pirá', meaning 'fish', and 'sanha' or 'ranha', meaning 'tooth'  sharp tooth. In Tupi, inalienably possessed nouns take the prefix 't-', 's-', or 'r-' depending on the possessor, or zero in combination; thus 'pirá'+'anha'. Alternately, it may come from Tupi 'pirá' ('fish') and 'ánha' ('cut'). It is pronounced (in IPA) /pʰiɻanʲjə/ (or /pʰɻanʲjə), /pʰiɻaʲɲə/, or /pʰiɻanʲə/).

Recently scientists have found the piranha fishes in the Maroni River in Suriname/French Guiana a large kind of piranhas and they dont attack,  u know what guys is that they weigh up to five kilograms, can be found as per recent discovery by humans; news is that it seems to be an herbivore. This species hosts colonies of worms in its stomach Alleged danger to humans

Piranha generally pose little threat to humans, and piranha fish attacks on humans are extremely rare. As said earlier in regards to piranha and humans lot of Natives frequently swim in piranha infested water without attacks on humans or scratches on any large animals or humans. It is not recommended for humans to swim where piranha  live in drought season because of increased chances of attacks because of aggressiveness caused by food scarcity can be extremely dangerous for humans.The news recently was that this fish also have the same sensory system that enables sharks (fish) to detect blood in mini scale amounts and attacks, so it is believed that for men swimming with an open cut may enhance the chance of a piranha  attacks, the news about schools of piranhas attacks turning horses or humans into skeletons within seconds are the result of numerous re-telling and exaggerations over the years about the piranha attacks on humans. While piranha schools can reach over a thousand in count, and piranha fish attacks do happen on humans but these attacks are on small scale, there are no documented reports of  humans being killed in a piranha attacks. There are, however, documented cases of people dying not from attacks but other causes and then being consumed by piranha fish (they did not attacks or kill the humans they just happened to be the scavenger that got there first so it can also have been the crocs or some other animal instead eating a humans). In the end friends survival of the fittest is the natures rule which we humans have right to judge, Humans responsible for so many ill affects on nature, Compared to us, they just try to satisfy their hunger whereas humans destroy beyond necessity so we humans do not deserve to judge this, so my decision it really does not matter if piranhas attacks humans or not but they have all the right to sustain.. live and let live

Let us look at it this way human being attack other animals and kill them its not only that human being is responsible not only for the attack but to bring these species to the brink of extinction but when any species attack human as a part of their nature, human start calling them monsters , start to attack them and human also go to an extinct to consider them not fit to be on this planet..

Human behavior has long been selfish, but human s have to change the way we think and stop attack on other species which are here for a reason, piranhas attack as their natural instinct they take what their hunger wants when piranhas attack compared with a human , we go far beyond our necessity human selfishness is the reason for attack on various natural resources , human is responsible for water pollution which indirectly has an frustrating attack on other aquatic animals, human is responsible for global warming an indirect attack on polar bears , seals  and this attack has also hit the biggest mammal the blue whales, Though human attack is not direct but compared with piranhas attack human attack has far more reaching effects..So Next time when you hear abusive things about the piranhas attack, polar bear attack or any other animal attack the human, just stop them right there and speak to that human about the attack we human being have on the nature, also go through my other best site on homes bangalore. 

Watch this video, check out the attacks  check their capability

Check video while  (courtesy BBC), How piranha fish strip flesh out of a duck during the attacks, human inspects

Do Piranhas Attack Humans ?

Do piranha attack human, the answer most of the times is yes piranha do attack human, in fact why shouldn't they not do piranhas attack humans have any thing in special like they know they are attacking the president, No they follow there instant - so never ask any one " do piranha attack human"

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