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Electric Shock Symptoms
On this page we have a list of electric shock pictures in which you can see what kinds of burns, injuries or symptoms you may face if by accidents you are exposed to a shock.

Electric shock symptoms - Burns symptom 1
  1. Ever wondered what kind of injuries or symptoms would you have, if you were to come across a accidents where your hand is exposed to Electric shock of about 300 watts, look at the Electric shock injuries
  2.  Burns - Hand exposed to 300 watts electric shock check the symptoms 
    Electric shock symptoms - Burns symptom 2
  1. What if you were walking back from home on a Pay out date with a shock to see an Extra $100 in your A/c and as an accidents you step on a wire with about 500 watts and have an Electric shock, Look at the Electric Shock Pictures of what kind of injuries, symptoms or even burns you may have.

    Burns and injuries Pictures - Leg exposed to 500 watts  check the symptoms
    Electric shock symptoms - Burns symptom 3
    3.  What if you Just returned from a party and decided to take a shower, you get into your bathroom and by accidents put your hand in a water bowler to see if the water is hot.. and face a shock of 250 watts of power being passed on as a boiler is already ON .. The Electric Shock Pictures are of a who by accidents did that and he had a shock of his life, and the burns,injuries and symptoms are ugly.. 

Injuries Pictures - Electric shock to hand in Water boiler, check the symptoms
Electric shock symptoms - Burns symptoms  4

Electric lineman accident Pictures
4.  As a shock first thing in the morning your boss says that you will be working in the night shift because you came in late to work today because of an accident, and what if you hear another shock that a big suburb in your service radius is out of power, and  you have to work on a rainy night with very little light, and by accident you are exposed to an electric cable which is carrying 3000 watts of shocking power enough to burns 1000 lights,  burns pictures - Man exposed to 3000 watts of electricity by accident..
Electric lineman accidents Pictures - An electrician had a shock by accident 
 lineman accidents Injuries Pictures -   man burns to death by accidents

 lineman accidents Injuries Pictures- Electric shock for an electric employee extends insurance 

 lineman accidents Injuries Pictures -  A man by accidents exposed to a wire which Burns him
Electric shock symptoms - Burns symptoms 6

Electric lineman accidents Pictures

A construction worker defies death and avoids after having an electric shock and was electrocuted after receiving a powerful electric shock, when a steel rod that he was handling atop the roof of a construction site made contact with high tension wires that hang close to the building.
Man exposed to 3000 watts of electricity avoids injuries by luck
 lineman accidents Pictures - a man in China had by accident touches the wire, burns his back, see symptoms
A lineman accidents Pictures - a man in China had by accidents touches the wire, burns his back, see symptoms
Consider him lucky compared to previous case, he has injuries but escaped death

Electric shock symptoms - Burns Injuries 7

Accidents pictures -  See symptoms leg burns to an inch inside
Electric shock symptoms - Burns symptoms 8

While high on methamphetamines, this patient attempted to swing from urban home electrical supply wires, resulting in 90% TBSA electrical burns, not an accidents but check the way his body burns

Electric shock symptoms - Burns symptoms 9

A metal rod held in an industrial worker's by accidents hand came in contact with a power line. The symptoms,  patient was thrown to ground and suffered pelvic fractures, in addition to multiple third-degree burns.

Electric shock symptoms - Burns symptom 10

Point of contact for same patient: third-degree thermal/electrical burns to hands were the symptoms, Escaratomy and skin grafting was eventually necessary - not accidents

Electric shock symptoms - Burns Injuries 11

 electrical burns on an industrial worker's leg, symptoms this accidents cost him a surgery


Electrical injuries involve the exchange of energy influenced by two laws: Ohm's and Joule's. The body's resistance to electrical current varies, symptoms depending on factors such as body moisture and temperature and the bodies resistance to burns, as well as the path taken by the electrical current during the accidents. In essence, the greater the tissue's resistance to the flow of current, the more likely the electrical energy will be transformed into thermal energy. Symptoms are on Nerves, muscles and blood vessels, which have high electrolyte and water content but this also prevent burns by these accidents up to some extent, have low resistance and are good conductors. In contrast, bones, tendon and fat have a high resistance and tend to become heated when exposed to electrical current rather than transmitting the current there fore avoiding the amount of burns and symptoms during the accidents.

Depending on the mechanism of the electrical injuries and symptoms, entry and exit injuries , sometimes referred to as contact and ground points, may be present during these accidents. When AC is involved in accidents, the hand is the most common site of contact therefore increasing injuries, symptoms and burns. Holding a tool that contacts an electrical source or grasping a wire are methods for electrical injuries or burns to occur in accidents. Because of muscular tetany, during these accidents if current involves the arm, the hand of the arm that is grasping the current source may pull the body closer to the source increasing the burns, injuries and symptoms during these accidents, as opposed to releasing that source.

It does not really matter if these burns, injuries were accidents or some kind of shit luck but the symptoms are horrifying, Looking at the various accidents it is very clear that these burns, injuries will remain with these people for a long time like a mental or a physical symptom, We should be very careful and take neccessarry precautions to avoid this accidents of terrific injuries..


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